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Mastering Alchemy Programs - Local Teachers

State: Colorado

Hello Rose Wellness Center
Diane embodies deep passion for serving as a catalyst, facilitating those who ask in their quest for greater awareness, peace, and unique creative expression.She completed her Clairvoyant Training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and has been involved with Mastering Alchemy since before it evolved into its present form.Diane has offered Clairvoyant Readings professionally since 1995. She has taught energy-related classes since 1997 and delights in now offering the Level 1 material.


Magnificence Mine
An Ambassador for Health and Well-Being, Nadine brings over 35 years of teaching experience and 14 years of mastering Alchemy work with Jim,the Arc Angels and the Ascended Masters.
She serves her international community as a Naturopath and Holistic Nutrition Specialist, is a gifted Reader/Healer and is exuberantly and lavishly excited to serve as a Mastering Alchemy Teacher


State: Florida

Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen is excited to serve you in Mastering Alchemy. Her commitment and passion is to support you in remembering your true Self of causeless happiness.
Dr. Nielsen has provided over 15,000 successful client sessions, classes, and seminars in the areas of spiritual awakening, meditation, alchemy, neurobiological shift, relationships, cellular regeneration, prosperity, and more.
Dr. Nielsen is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (FL8181), Licensed Pastoral Counselor, Author, Audio Creator, Public Speaker, Certified Hypnotherapist, with a flourishing center and national/international seminar following.


Ascension Spirit
In addition to teaching Level 1, Jeannie is a certified teacher of New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation and a lifelong student of metaphysics.
She has taught in public and private schools and has been a community volunteer and Big Sister.
Jeannie has been a student of Mastering Alchemy since 2008.


State: Georgia

Peace Brain
Gail’s purpose is to activate Universal Peace. Delighted to be teaching Level 1, she believes that Mastering Alchemy plays a key role in achieving Peace. Gail holds a PhD in environmental policy and economics, collaborating globally with diverse cultures on animal conservation. She writes books combining science, spirit, animals, peace and magic. Gail began studying Clairvoyance with Jim and others in 1999, and teaching Energy Classes in 2003. Gail says, "Activate your Peace Brain1" Offers online webinars too."


Shifting Energy
Jody is a successful transformational life coach and teacher. Her success is a result of the use of these Alchemical teachings and the understanding and use of Energy. Jody has spent 35 years working with metaphysics, Energy, the law of attraction, and is proficient in the art of Mastering Alchemy. It is her passion to teach this foundational body of work to everyone to assist them in the successful, permanent transformation as we experience this SHIFT. She is a devoted and talented teacher, mentor and life coach. Offers online webinars too.


Tools for Alchemy
John has been a very active practitioner in the Healing Arts community of Atlanta for many years. He works in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Healing Touch Therapy and other modalities.
John has been a participating member of several live and online spiritual and personal growth communities since 1971. Since 2005 he has been involved with Mastering Alchemy and is passionate about offering you the energy tools within the "Creating Your Personal Power Field" program.


The tools and teachings of Mastering Alchemy where Pam is an Advanced Level 3 student, have catapulted her Spiritual Awakening, aligning her more fully with who she is and what she came here to be. Pam holds certification in: Tantric Pineal Activation, is a Heart Point Technique Master and a Mentor. Her passion is assisting others on their journey to step more fully into who they are. Pam feels these tools are THE foundational guiding light on the journey. Offers online webinars too.


Illinois and Russia

New Golden Age Therapy
Lucia is an Internationally known Healer/Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Medical Intuitive with over 30 years of experience. She combines various modalities for the greatest benefit of her clients, assisting them on their way to well-being, self-discovery, and enlightenment.
In 2007, Lucia started her journey of Mastering Alchemy. Today, as a teacher of "Level 1," she has been guiding others to learn and experience the amazing Tools of Mastering Alchemy. Lucia's techniques also include Belvaspata (Angelic Healing), Qi Vesta, Hakulit, Liquid Consciousness and many others. Offers online webinars too.


State: Illinois

The Infinite Wellbeing
As a child I wished for a magic wand to solve all my issues and manifest all my desires. For the past 25 years of practicing and teaching healing arts, I looked for tools to create quick improvements in health and life situations.
My spiritual and educational path led me to Mastering Alchemy and the training to teach Level 1. This course is that magic tool for being happy, certain, capable, powerful, healthy in all aspects of me and my life. You and your life too.



The Self Help Section
Jasmine is a second generation metaphysician and teacher.
She is a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Seichem Reiki Master-Teacher, Ama Deus Shamanic Healing Practitioner and Body Talk Access Technician.
Jasmine has been a student of Mastering Alchemy since 2006 and has been teaching these tools for 2 years.


State: Nevada

Alchemy Angel
Jennifer has been devoted to working with energy, healing and teaching for over 8 years. She has been with Mastering Alchemy for over 5 years.
Besides being trained as a Level 1 teacher, Jennifer has certifications and degrees in Psychology (BA), Medulla~Pineal Gland Activation, Past Life Readings/Regression Healing and Clearing, Spiritual Psychology, Life Force Energy Activation, Chakra Healing, Akashic Record Reading as well as Clearing Blocks and Obstacles.


State: North Carolina

Ascension Mentor
Bob Repoley has been a mentor and teacher since 1990.
He established the network of Buddhist meditation groups in the North Carolina prison system. In 2000 he developed and taught outdoor awareness and survival programs to children and adults.
Bob is one of the founders of the Elder Program at the Art of Mentoring for Vermont Wilderness School.
Since 2009, Bob has focused his full attention on Mastering Alchemy and training to teach Level 1.


State: Ontario and Canada

Pathway 2 Who UR
Mary Ann’s passion is to help others help themselves with effective, easy-to-use methods and tools.
She has been working with energy healing tools, including the Emotion Code & Body Code, for over 3 years. She also brings management & teaching skills from a corporate environment.
Mary Ann has participated in the Mastering Alchemy program since 2009 and is honoured to be assisting others to learn and experience the Tools of Alchemy in the Level 1 class.


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New This Month

How You Choose in a Changing World - A Special Two Part Webinar

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Free e-Book

The Shift E-Book - by Jim Self

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What Do You Mean?

The Third Dimension is Going Away? - by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett
Why now is the time to release who you are not and remember who you are.

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