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Monthly Free Webinar

The Earth changes during 2014 - 2018 will be very necessary for the Earth to heal and elevate herself into a higher state of consciousness. This can be done without significant disruption to humanity. But humanity MUST participate! The nuclear disaster at Fukushima is far worse than being reported. A threat according to Tom Kenyon's latest message from the Hathors points to a very serious long term challenge to the world's oceans and underground aquifers if a co-creative focus with the Elementals is not undertaken NOW ... This request is also being brought forth by the Archangels and the Elementals.

In this webinar you will:


  • Understand how the Fall of Consciousness separated the Elementals from the Christed nature of the Earth
  • Learn the roles of the Elementals
  • Understand your role in this unfolding
  • Learn the choices you have to alter all that you know
  • Meet the Elementals
    1. In certain natural areas I feel there are fairies and other beings around. Will this connection become stronger as I increase my vibration?
    2. I understand the importance of loving myself and my body but how do I get there from here? What practical baby steps can I take?
    3. I have way too much energy lately. What's going on?
    4. You say that the fall of consciousness was created by certain creator gods branching out and doing their own thing. What does this means in everyday terms? Is there a similarity between lots of different healers etc. creating their own new forms of therapy or has it got more to do with the greed, hate, anger, resentment and other unpleasantness that currently goes on in the world?
    5. I've been doing the Fukushima meditation. Is this working with the elementals?
    6. Will there be a way that we are actually able to recognize when electrons are placed in our hearts?
    7. Is doing this exercise in daily meditation a way we can integrate and assist?
    8. Has humanity used their own energy and create in the same way as the creator gods used their own energy?
    9. Is there a recommended written account of the fall of consciousness and creation evolution of humanity?
    10. If the children born now are not in the third dimension where are they?
    11. How can we humans show the elementals our love and appreciation for their interaction within our bodies, helping being who we are?
    12. How do you stay like this is in this space during the day as you work and go about your business?

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New This Month

How You Choose in a Changing World - A Special Two Part Webinar

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Free e-Book

The Shift E-Book - by Jim Self

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What Do You Mean?

The Third Dimension is Going Away? - by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett
Why now is the time to release who you are not and remember who you are.

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