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What is Mastering Alchemy?

What is Mastering Alchemy? How does it relate to your ascension? And how can these tools help you re-create your life?

YOUR FIRST STEP - Tools for the Shift and Beyond

Listen to Jim's most recent class on this subject:

Track 1 (01::01:42) Lecture

Track 2 (01:09:51) Questions and Answers

CLICK to listen to this audio clip from a recent interview that reveals the true purpose and power of Mastering Alchemy

Alchemy is much more than the concept of changing lead into gold. Alchemy is a way of life, a pathway allowing you to step from your third dimensional experience into a higher, more expansive awareness of life.

In order to experience the mastering of Alchemy and accelerate your ascension as a multidimensional being in this human form, the Archangels and the great beings of light have constructed a tangible pathway. This pathway is comprised of a number of steps which, together, form the Mastering Alchemy Program.

The Mastering Alchemy program is designed in four segments. The purpose is to provide you with as much information as possible to assist you in understanding the third and fourth dimensional rules and structures, allowing you to recognize that much of who you believe you are, actually has very little to do with who you are.

Step One - Free Material for Understanding the Shift.

On this website there is a significant library of Free information in the form of essential energy tools, previous webinars, lectures, articles, radio and TV interviews. In addition to these resources, special live lectures and webinars focusing on important changes occurring within the Shift are provided throughout the year for those on the mailing list.

These special live events also include question and answer sessions to better help you understand this current “Shift in Consciousness” and how it is affecting you and the world around you. For the full Library of several years of work

Step Two - Level 1

This is where the Mastering Alchemy Program starts to get really exciting. The purpose of Level 1 is to rebuild your Personal Power energy field. This is accomplished with a specific set of sacred geometrical tools and applications. Understanding how energy is organized, moves and is directed is fundamental to your growth. By rebuilding this energy containment field and aligning the core geometry of the Octahedron you create an antenna which enables you to access the frequency of your higher dimensional consciousness and your Higher Mind.

Ascension requires you to enter the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond within the heart, reunite with your Soul, and remember what your Soul knows. Here you will access the Still Point and enter into a oneness with Mother/Father Creator.

Step Three - Level 2

This is the core work of Mastering Alchemy. It has been specifically designed by the Archangels for those of us who wish to accelerate our ascension. The purpose of Level 2 is to:

  • Clear the density from your mental body by neutralizing disempowering thought habits and patterns
  • Clear the magnetically charged emotional patterns and conditioning from your Emotional body
  • Activate the internal Living Light Body, transforming the cellular density of your physical into liquid golden Light. This is the pathway of ascension.


In order to accomplish this, we must shift from thinking with our rational mind to thinking with our Heart and acting from the intelligence of our Higher Mind. This occurs by integrating the true meaning and experience of such words and concepts as Certainty, Capable, Happy, Graciousness, Commanding and Focused as platforms upon which to live your life. Living from these specifically crafted platforms, allows you to observe and move within the world around you without engaging with the noise and drama of the third dimension.

From this expanded point of observation you will begin to utilize your inherent skills of clairvoyance, knowingness and your natural ability to communicate with your higher consciousness and the higher dimensional intelligence. Many precise tools, applications and experiences are provided in this work to assist you in anchoring these connections and integrating all these skills and information.

Step Four - Level 3

A short time ago the Archangels explained that the next level of work is to bring forth the Ascension process itself. This ascension format has never been experienced. It is an experiment and you are the experiment.

The Level 3 program is a co-creation between the Archangels, Ascended Masters and you, a physical human. In order to reach their goal, they have asked to co-create in each session, actively teaching and providing verbal instruction. Level 3 is an ongoing program in yearly segments. It is un-ending. Here is some of what we will play with in the first year of Level 3:

  • Clear the density of third dimensional thoughts and emotions to such a level that these two bodies will become one.
  • You will merge this mental-emotional body into the spiritual body, becoming one with the Soul. This is done consciously by you within the fifth and six dimensions. From this level of Soul consciousness the lower three chakras are re-configured, balanced and vibrationally raised.
  • This new alignment then gives you access to the Unified Field of Consciousness for the first time in your physical form. This access opens conscious awareness into the Universal Mind of the Creator and allows you to experience the Holy Spirit for the first time. (The Holy Spirit is not what we were trained to think it is.)


What others are saying.


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New This Month

How You Choose in a Changing World - A Special Two Part Webinar

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Free e-Book

The Shift E-Book - by Jim Self

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What Do You Mean?

The Third Dimension is Going Away? - by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett
Why now is the time to release who you are not and remember who you are.

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